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   Jesus gives Simon a new job, telling him that he will become a different kind of fisherman. No longer will he catch fish; instead he will catch people. Peter was chosen for the task to bring others to Jesus. We continue to speak of Peter’s leadership and influence in the Church today when we call the pope the “successor of Peter.” We participate in the mission of the Church when we bring people to Christ through the example and positive influence of our lives.
   The famed "Coffee and Donut Weekend", now known as Fellowship Weekend, will return on February 16-17, 2019. Coffee, donuts, juice, and coffee will be served after ALL Masses that weekend.
   This month's sponsor is Boy Scout Troop 176, who has been a charter member of our parish for the last 90 years.
   A Pre-Baptism Class for Parents Class will be held here at St. Vincent de Paul Church on Sunday, March 3rd at 1:00 PM.  It will be held in the DePaul Center, the old Convent building located behind the school.   This class is mandatory before a child can be baptized.
   If you would like to receive a statement detailing your contributions to St. Vincent de Paul Parish please complete the form located inside the bulletin and return it to the Parish Office via the offertory collection basket at Mass or by mail. Thank you for following these guidelines which will enable us to process your requests more efficiently!

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